The pilot project for Raahen Monivoima’s new energy solutions is moving forward

Puhuri Oy’s subsidiary Raahen Monivoima Oy’s pilot project promoting new energy solutions took a step forward today. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Employment granted the pilot project EUR 5,751,550 in support for energy investments in accordance with Finland’s recovery plan.

Raahen Monivoima is preparing a project combining the storage of wind and solar energy, a green hydrogen production plant, and a hydrogen storage facility. The whole system is optimized with an intelligent control system, which enables responding to the electricity grid’s flexibility needs.

“The project is an excellent opportunity to support Finland’s transition towards a carbon-neutral society. With the project, we promote the development of the hydrogen economy and the green transition of domestic industry. The end products are intended to be used in industry to replace fossil energy,” says Antti Vilkuna, chairman of Raahen Monivoima’s board of directors.

“The investment will reduce net carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 28,000 tons annually. The goal is to create a replicable concept that can also be used on a larger scale in the future,” Vilkuna elaborates.

The project is progressing in cooperation with Kokkola Energia

Raahen Monivoima Oy and Kokkola Energia Oy have previously signed a letter of intent for the project’s development.

“The role of Kokkola Energia is to enable the project; we are interested in buying both the hydrogen produced and the waste heat generated in electrolysis and utilizing them in the industry of the Kokkola area,” says Mikko Rintamäki, CEO of Kokkola Energia.

The electrolysis plant and hydrogen storage will be built near the Kokkola large-scale industrial area. The hydrogen would be used in the Kokkola industrial area as a replacement for fossil natural gas. The waste heat produced in the electrolysis would be led to the district heating network of the Kokkola industrial area with the help of a heat pump.

The electricity needed for hydrogen production is produced by wind and solar power plants located in Raahe’s Ketunperä. Part of the electricity production will be stored in the electricity storage facility connected to the wind and solar power plants. The electricity storage balances fluctuating electricity production and support the electricity grid’s flexibility needs.

The planned power of the hydrogen production facility is 5.7 MW. The power of the electricity storage to be realized in connection with the wind and solar power plants is 6.7 MW. The figures are indicative and will be specified as the project’s technical planning progresses.

The project’s employment impact during construction is about 15 person/years. It is also estimated that five new, permanent jobs will be created as a result of the project.

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