Review of Wind Power in 2021

Review of Puhuri’s wind power year 2021

Puhuri Oy’s past year has been a time of very strong growth for the company. Our organization, wind power projects and wind farms have grown. Here is the review of 2021.

Over the past year, Puhuri has grown from an eight-person organization to a 16-person organization. Personnel has been strengthened in all areas of the company, including project development, construction, operation and maintenance, and financial expertise.

The share of energy produced by wind power will increase significantly next year in Finland as a whole and in Puhuri also.

At present, Puhuri has wind power projects planned in several municipalities in Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland. In addition to the four wind farms in production, the construction of wind farms is currently underway at the Pyhäjoki Parha and Haapavesi Hankila wind farms. The parks will start generating wind energy in early 2022. Construction work on two other wind farms has begun in Kannus on the Kaukasenneva and Haapavesi on the Keso wind farms.

The Puhuri wind power team thanks everybody for their cooperation. We wish customers, landowners and partners a very peaceful Christmas time and a successful New Year 2022!