Puhuri Oy started its Hankila project

Hankila project started

Puhuri Oy made its final investment decision of building the Hankila project. Wind park located at Haapavesi and Kärsämäki municipalities consists 8 Wind Turbines with the tip height of 250m, which is the maximum allowed. Investment value is roughly 50 M€.

CEO Antti Vilkuna commented that Hankila area has excellent suitability for Wind Power as it is extent, low population density and power lines are near. Project is build on Puhuri’s own and City of Haapavesi properties, which are partly out of usage peat swamps.

Project will be built according to permits and plans of 2015. Utility will be on production at beginning of year 2022.

Hankila project is of the seven (7) projects that won the ‘Renewable energy competitive bidding’ which was held at the end of 2018. During the summer 2019 Puhuri already started the building of Parha Wind Park at Pyhäjoki. Possible “tariff” received from auction will have only a risk-reducing effect, the “tariff” did not affect the projects profitability calculations.

More information:

Wind Power Manager, Tuomas Ylimaula, +358 50 4549 289

CEO, Antti Vilkuna, +358 440 220 919