Puhuri Oy and Vapo Oy made significant land transaction in Piipsanneva

Significant land transaction made in Piipsanneva

Puhuri Oy and Vapo Oy made large land transaction in Piipsanneva. Puhuri bought significant amount of acreage from Vapo at Piipsanneva peat production area. Properties under transaction combine around 470 hectares.

Puhuri Oy develops Wind Park to Piipsanneva area which would contain maximum of 69 turbines. Project planning initiative is approved at Haapavesi city government. Combined land use and Environmental Impact Assessment process has been started. Target is to get project ready by 2020 from land use planning perspective. In connection with the real estate transaction, a lease agreement was signed whereby Vapo Oy will be granted the right to use some of the areas now transferred to Puhuri Oy for peat production, and this production may continue at the same time as wind power production.

Antti Vilkuna, Managing Director of Puhuri Oy, comments that the Piipsanneva area is ideally suited for wind power production. Due to its size, low population density and proximity to power lines. In Vilkuna’s view, the Piipsanneva wind farm project should be viable without taxpayer support. A significant part of the Piipsanneva area is already used for agriculture, and the construction of a wind farm will only improve agricultural opportunities. with the maintenance of an excellent road network.

Wind power and peat increase Finland’s energy self-sufficiency

According to Vesa Tempakka, Managing Director of Vapo Oy, the transaction is a great example of a development in which domestic forms of energy are complementary. What they have in common with wind power and peat is that they increase Finland’s energy self-sufficiency and local employment. “Vapo’s strategy is to transfer land that has been decommissioned to the next land use as soon as possible after the end of production. The most common forms of after-use have been afforestation, conversion to fields or restoration to swamp. The good wind conditions provided by the well-functioning road connections and smooth terrain make the old production areas excellent locations for wind farms”, Tempakka says.

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Puhuri Oy, CEO Antti Vilkuna, +358 440 220 919

Vapo Oy, Director Ahti Martikainen, +35820 790 5608