Ristiveto, Merijärvi

Wind Park is owned by Perhonjoki Oy (Katternö Group), but Puhuri Oy is operating the utility.

Ristiveto Wind Park was finalized and got to production at spring 2013.

Utility contains 6 pcs of Siemens 2,3-SWT turbines, with hub height of 115m and rotor diameter of 108m. Tip height is 169m.

Turbines have been named by children who were born at Pyhänkoski area during finalization.

Turbine 1: Harri, Turbine 2: Santtu, Turbine 3: Tuomas, Turbine 4: Onni, Turbine 5: Ronnie and Turbine 6: Valtteri.

Wind Park development was started in 2008, building permits were granted in 2010 and construction started in spring 2012.

Production now

0,41 MW


115 m




108 m