Piipsa, Haapavesi

The Piipsa project is run by Piipsan Tuulivoima oy.

The project area is located in the eastern part of the town of Haapavesi, bordering the municipal boundaries of Kärsämäki and Siikalatva.

The zoning for the Piipsa project was approved by the Haapavesi local council in February 2021. The zoning plan has space for 39 wind parks with a maximum height of 300 metres. The zoning plan has been brought before the Administrative Court. The wind turbines have been granted conditional building permits.

The aggregate needed to build the wind park is to be mined from the Siikaniemi area. The EIA process on the aggregate used in the project was conducted in 2021–2022. In November 2022, ELY issued a reasoned conclusion on the EIA report.

Power transmission will be implemented via Fingrid’s substation of Pihtineva. This is the same substation that is used in the Tuulikaarto wind power project in the Siikalatva and Kärsämäki areas.

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