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Raahe, Ketunperä wind farm

Size of the project: planned size 12 x 3-5 MW wind turbines

Status of the project: Land use plan process ongoing, EIA completed.

Target schedule: Land use plan will be finished by the end of 2014, construction can be started in 2015.

Description of the project

The city of Raahe made their own survey of potential wind farm sites in 2010. According to that survey and Puhuri's own studies Puhuri reserved areas by renting land in Ketunperä and Ylipää, Piehinki. Wind measurements were performed in Ketunperä by sodar equipment and technical issues were studied to find out whether a wind farm could be built in these two areas.

Both areas were found to be suitable for wind power, and land use plan and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) processes were started together with the other so called Raahe's Southern wind farms. In addition to Puhuri's projects, Tuuliwatti Oy's projects Sarvankangas, Haapajärvi and Rautionmäki were included in the same EIA.

EIA report was completed at the end of 2012 and the statement for it was received from the auhtorities in the spring 2013. The amount of wind turbines included in the land use plans of the above-mentioned wind farms has been reduced from the plans which were included in the EIA program and report. Puhuri decided to give up the project in Ylipää, Piehinki altogether and continue the land use plan process only with Ketunperä wind park.

The goal is to finalise the land use plan of Ketunperä wind farm by the end of 2014 and construction works of the wind park could be started already in 2015.

Location of the project




Public documents

Certain documents are public and available in Finnish.