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Pyhäjärvi, Vuohtomäki wind farm

Size of the project: 8 x ca. 3 MW

Status of the project: Land use plan process ongoing

Target schedule: land use pland completed in 2015.

Description of the project

Puhuri has rented land in Vuohtomäki region in Pyhäjärvi in order to plan and build a wind farm. Wind measurements were started in spring 2012 and also a sodar measurement was performed in spring 2013.

Originally the plan was to build nine ca. three megawatt wind turbines in the area, but during the land use plan process the number of turbines was cut to eight turbines.
Environmental Impact Assessment was not required by the authorities in this project.

The land use plan process were started in August 2012 and the goal is to get it and permits completed during 2015. Construction of the wind farm could be started in 2015.

Location of the project




Public documents

Certain documents are public and available in Finnish.