Wind Parks & Projects

Currently the company is developing projects worth several hundred megawatts in Finland. Puhuri's first wind farm of 54 MW was built in Kopsa, Raahe in Northern Ostrobothnia. Construction works of Pyhänkoski wind park have been finished and Puhuri Oy now manages 68 MW of wind power.

In addition, Puhuri has several Environmental Impact Assessment and land use plan processes ongoing in Northern Ostrobothnia and new projects are continuously under feasibility study.

Hankkeet & Tuulipuistot

Our projects

Kannus, Kaukanen >

More coming soon

Haapavesi, Keso >

More coming soon

Haapavesi, Piipsa >

More coming soon

Sievi, Tuppura >

More coming soon

Salla, Portti >

More coming soon

Raahe, Kopsa III >

6 turbines

Raahe, Kettu >

6 pcs x 3-5 MW turbines

Pyhäjärvi, Vuohto >

8pcs 3.0MW, turbines

Discover our Parks

Parha, Pyhäjoki >

Wind Park in operation at beginning of 2022.

Ristiveto, Merijärvi >

6 pcs of Siemens 2,3-SWT turbines

Pyhänkoski, Pyhäjoki-Merijärvi >

4 pcs of Vestas V126 3,3MW turbines

Mäkelänkangas, Hamina >

4 pcs of Hyundai 2MW turbines

Kopsa II, Raahe >

10 pcs of Vestas V126 3,3MW turbine

Kopsa I, Raahe >

7 pcs of Siemens SWT-3.0-DD turbines