Raahe, Kettu

In early 2010, the City of Raahe commissioned its own study of possible wind power areas in Raahe. Based on them and their own reports, Puhuri Oy reserved the so-called Ketunperä and Piehingi Ylpää wind farm areas. Wind measurements were carried out in the Ketunperä area with Sodar measuring equipment and technical possibilities for building a wind farm in the area were investigated.

Both the Ketunperä and Piehingi Ylpää areas were considered suitable for wind power and it was decided to launch a partial master planning and environmental impact assessment (EIA) together with other Raahe southern wind power projects. In addition to Puhuri Oy’s projects, Raahe’s southern wind farms include Tuuliwatti Oy’s Sarvankangas, Haapajärvi and Rautionmäki.

The EIA report was completed at the end of 2012, and the liaison authority’s statement was received in spring 2013. Compared to the EIA report and program, the number of power plants has decreased significantly during the transition to the zoning phase. At this stage, Puhuri Oy decided to abandon the Piehingi Ylpää wind farm project and only continue to develop the Ketunperä wind farm.

The draft plans for the southern wind farms in Raahe have been discussed and the partial master plan proposal for the Ketunperä wind farm became available in late 2014.

The process of updating the project’s legal formula and building permits to match today’s technology has begun in 2021.

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