Kivari and Pärjä, Pudasjärvi

Yhteistuuli Oy acts as project operator in the wind park project of Kivari and Pärjä.

There are two project areas, Kivari and Pärjä, and the areas are located approximately 25–35 kilometres northeast of the town of Pudasjärvi.

A maximum of 35 wind turbines have been zoned for the Kivari area, while circa 20 wind turbines are being planned for the Pärjä area. The wind turbines will reach a maximum of 300 metres in tip height.
Environmental impact assessments and wind measurements were conducted in the area from 2020 to 2022. The Pudasjärvi local council approved the zoning initiative for the project in the fall of 2020.

The EIA program and the zoning plans for the Pärjä and Kivari wind park projects will be available for the public in early 2023.

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